Play It Again Demos

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Quotes "Before I found you guys, I had demos made by the so-called "top services" in Nashville. They weren't bad, but not one was ever signed. Since I've had you guys doing my demos, it seems they're all getting signed." Quotes
Jack Moscovitz
Omaha, Nebrasks

Quotes "We have already received a publishing contract on The Gift with Mernee Music (ASCAP). Another company, Mimic Music (BMI), picked up "Who am I" and "She'd Again Be Mine". That makes 6 out of 6 of the demos we've had done by Play It Again Demos that have been signed. Thanks for your hard work, assistance, and professionalism." Quotes
Jason Johnson
Yelm, WA

Quotes "Every time I listen to Folded Flag ,I hear another nuance in the music. I just wanted to say again what a great job you did"- Jack T. Quotes
Jack Teale
Long term, satisfied client

Quotes Hi Love the backing track works great! Tony Clark Quotes
Tony Clark (U.K.)

Quotes Man, I?m blown away by you and your team's work! A million times better than the last place I recorded at!" Quotes
Rhett Young
Songwriter/Country Music Artist

Quotes I don't know what to say, it's beautiful. The vocals and guitar are just perfect.Thanks guys for your great performances and your comments too, thrilling for me to hear. Quotes
Colin Stone
The United Kingdom

Quotes "The Uke song Harmony & mix sounds great, love it!! Quotes
Rob C.
Roanoke, VA

Quotes Oh my gosh I got the demo of Hallelujah!!!!!! I am absolutely in love with it!!!!!! Thank you so so much! Quotes
Melissa Walton
McPherson KS

Quotes 'The Call' reminds me of a warm bowl of soup, delicious! Thanks so much!" Quotes

Quotes "Thanks for all you've done. I've nothing to say but good things about the "Darker Side of Love" project." Quotes
Tom Hogan
See Blog post "The Darker Side Of" for more info.