Play It Again Demos

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"Thanks again for doing such a great job on Live On Love. It sounds fantastic! Top shelf! I'll be getting more done soon." - Dave Arthur

"I just signed my thirteenth song with yet another publisher, all were demoed by you, Play It Again Demos! I can't thank you enough!"      - Dan Mathews



"How much does a demo cost?"  There is no simple one-size-fits-all answer because one song may require just one instrument, another five or six, maybe even a horn section. One song may require our most expensive vocalist and multiple tracks of background vocals, another our least expensive singer and just a single line harmony. So we like to hear your rough, then quote.

For a price on having your song(s) professionally produced send your lyric and/or your rough mp3 and request a quote:  

It helps if we know what style you are going rock?  bluegrass? 

Are you thinking:

Full Band?

Just Guitar and vocal?

Just Piano/Vocal?

A Three Piece Demo? (usually drums, bass, guitar and vocal)

If you aren't sure then leave it up to us!

Send today! You will have a quote within 48 hours excluding most weekend days and holidays.

If you request an invoice we can send one via Pay Pal for paying with a credit card, and with Pay Pal's Bill Me LaterĀ® you can get get 6 months financing on qualifying purchases!

Nashville Area Record, Boat Tour Travel Package!

Thinking you'd like to come check out the studio? Lay some vocal tracks while you're here perhaps? Hang out on the water and see a Nashville area lake? Or be a fly on the wall at a recording session?

Check out this package!