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Nashville's #1 song demo service, Play It Again Demos, presents:

Why Choosing The Right Song Demo Service Gets Songs Contracted

Nashville, L.A. and New York songwriters who are on the staff of publishing companies have several huge advantages over out-of-town part time songwriters.

  • They have convenient access to world class talent and world class recording studios to create their demos.
  • Their songs are born into an "automatic marketing system" and pitched by people with "connections."
  • They have a built-in oversight system guiding the songwriting process. If they get off kilter, the song publisher is right there to help steer them in the right direction. Often they work with highly experienced co-writers who do the same.

In other words, if a songwriter writes a line, verse or chorus that's weird or stupid, their publisher, a.k.a. "their employer" will point it out. If they commit a fatal flaw to paper or iPad, the publisher says, "not good, erase that and rewrite" there's a refinement that takes place the writer working alone typically doesn't have.

But you play your creations for friends and/or family? Your family and friends may like a song or dislike it, but they don't understand the song pitching business or songwriting the way an experienced publisher or co-writer working daily in the industry does.

We here at Play It Again can help provide  that missing oversight. You are free to accept or reject our advice on rewriting, but we will review your song and point out anything we think will prevent the song from being contracted. We'll offer possible solutions. Once again, it's still your song and you have the final say.

What do we find? Songs that don't fit the "Nashville norm" that could mark a song for rejection just based on simple errors.  We regularly find sections of songs (verses, bridges, solos etc.) in the wrong place. We find Choruses doubled up when they shouldn't be. Some chorus can and should be lengthy, sometimes that creates the dreaded "chorus that goes on forever". We find songs that should have a turnaround but doesn't or songs that have a too long one...or a soing that needs one but the songwriter simply had no idea. These are just a few of many errors we can discern and correct to give your song a fighting chance.

By choosing Play It Again demos as your song demo service, with our oversight, world class musicians and more, you automatically put yourself on equal footing with staff writers at publishing companies. You're not hiring a service that will regurgitate your rough a little prettier, you're establishing a long term relationship with people dedicated to making your songs compete in a world class songwriting environment.