Play It Again Demos

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At Nashville recording studio, Play It Again Demos we're all about songwriter demos! We love taking rough, raw work and turning it into spectacular music!

"That's easy to say," you're thinking.

But hey, it's not idle chatter, we can back it up!

Listen to our samples here. Have you heard more dramatic transformations of roughs into productions that only need some tweaking and mastering to be ready for a CD or to be played on the radio?

Can you do that yourself on your semi-pro quality equipment with local musicians? If your honest answer is "no" then your next honest question should be, "If this is where the bar is set, how can I get there?

It's easy, don't overthink! Hire us to produce your songwriter demos!

"But that's A LOT of money," you think. "What if my songs don't come out as well?" you wonder.

They will. Oh, they will!

They will because when you get the team at Play It Again Demos together three things occur:

The jokes start flying putting everyone at ease, prayers go out asking The Lord to work through us and make us better than the sum of our collective talents so that you, our client, will receive far more than you ever expected.

And step-by-step, great music begins to happen.

It's not luck, it's the predictable result of talent, a team with integrity and the realization that we are all part of God's great creation. We may be in a client- provider relationship, but we're also in a family relationship, brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

Whether you're here in the studio with us or you're 700 miles away, regardless of your religious beliefs or lack thereof, you're family here.

And we don't give family anything but our best.