Play It Again Demos

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Songwriting is your passion. It's a labor of love. Hit songs or no hit songs, unless you're a staff writer for a publishing company you don't draw a steady paycheck for it.

So for most songwriters the writing takes place in the fringes of life. During spare time. After the real work is done.

But songwriting is a business. Songs can generate huge amounts of income. People buy products because of songs. Songs make good movies better movies. They make everything from time spent on elevators to time spent driving, better, more enjoyable.

So where does songwriting fit into your life? Is songwriting paying the bills? Is songwriting the lottery ticket you hope pays off some day? Is songwriting simply the way you relax? Or is it the reason you just paid cash for the BMW and drove it home to your house on the lake?


Well, you'll probably want a good demo of your songs. You need to hear it fully fleshed out. With drums and guitars and a great singer.


= Creating.


We want to be YOUR song demo service! We want to be YOUR music producer!

No need to worry if you're "good enough" yet

No need to think, "I really have to get my stuff together better before I move forward with this"

Like Jesus, We'll meet you where you are : )

We've seen songwriters struggle mightily to get somewhere in the music business, and usually, with perseverance, they  are able to make a career from songwriting. 

Others we've seen barely pay their dues and not long after writing their first song they experience huge success: the fame, money and accolades that come with writing multiple #1 hits.

For some the difference seems to be their faith, an unshakeable belief that all things are possible. It's a God thing.

For others, it's the incredible talent they were born with...

...but that would be God too, wouldn't it?

To get to this point you've dug pretty deep. Let's see if you're paying attention:

Take 5% off your first song demo order placed within the next three days! May not be combined with other offers.

There was a time Songwriter's Market was the only viable go-to for song marketing. But things have changed! Ask us how to use modern methods to get your songs published NOW!

Of course without a pro recording it's probably a waste of time and money. Let's do one!